Forest Bred Picture

Trying out some new styles, and I found I quite like this semi-realistic stuff. This does not mean I am converting entirely, as I find it interesting to draw in not just one style depending on the effect one is going for. But I digress...
Elven characters are quite, what's the word, ethereal? Traditional mythological woodland folk are represented as graceful and beautiful (swishy-swishy sparkle-sparkle). I felt like challenging that notion and creating somewhat of a humble elf. I will most likely dress him in nature-made garb, but I lack any skill towards drawing interesting, detailed clothing. Not to mention I am too lazy to make a well-proportioned body.
To be honest I just needed a break from studying for finals and my usual batch of characters (they are trodding on my nerves, and I almost blew a gasket).
This elven creature was probably the result of some sort of concoction of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones (which I watched the first episode of the other night, as Boromir's actor plays a rather large role (he is old, but still cool)). Perchance there is a dash of Eragon in him as well.
I do apologize for such a lengthy description...
Oh, one more thing. Anyone have name suggestions? I was thinking Keimyr, but am not entirely certain.
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