Old loves are hard to forget 1 Picture

In my old account that is now deleted (SanityOutTheWindow) I've had a huge amount of pairings I used to write fanfics or draw fanart/fancomics about. One of the very first I developed for Transformers Animated was a dancing music box mannequin that was brought to life by Sari's key. Prowl named her Clio Grace, after one of the Muses of Greek mythology.

I'm not sure why I suddenly missed her so much, and decided to draw her this morning. In fact, I woke up this morning missing all of my old OC's from that account. It's too bad I don't have any the pages from the fanfics and Drawn Into This fan comic to re-read. But, in truth, it's probably for the best. They were all terrible anyways. xD I'm not sure why they were so popular.

Anyways, since I'm feeling nostalgic, I'm going to be drawing some of my old OC's. Who knows, it might draw in my old watchers again.
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