The Half-Blood Games Picture

The characters in a fanfiction I'm writing; explained more in the previous photo I uploaded.

FIRST ROW: Annabeth Chase, Katie Gardner, Piper McLean, Nico di Angelo, Percy Jackson and Leo Valdez.

SECOND ROW: Reyna Guerrero, Hazel Levesque, Gwendolyn Rousseau, Jason Grace, Dakota Purpora and Frank Zhang.

THIRD ROW: Madeline Ericson, Isabelle Jørgensen, Sophie Martin, Marc Hoffman, James Müller and Ben Weber.

FOURTH ROW: Eva Clarke, Valerie Ross, Zoé Cox, Elijah Brown, Isaiah Milton and Landon Walker.

© - Avatars courtesy of Lunaii and half the characters were created by Rick Riordan, and some of them have surnames that may or may not be official.
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