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In Greek mythology, Nyx, Nox in Roman translation) was the primordial goddess of the night.

She is my goddess. I have served as her priestess for many many years.

Oh Beautiful Night


My Goddess,

Hear my words.

For they are words that come,

From the lips, from the mouth,

From the heart, soul and mind,

Of one who holds you most dear.

Oh Goddess!

Mother of the Stars,

Mother of Death,

Mother of Dreams,

Hear my cries,

As I lay alone in oblivion.

My Beloved Night.

Oh my Goddess.

I implore thee.

Hear the prayer of your faithful,

And heed my call.

In your glory let us all reside.

By your starlight eyes, and midnight hair,

let this humbled one find your charity.

Grace me, though I be unworthy,

and imbue me with your mystery.

My Beloved Night.

By my will,

by your will,

by thee Will.

So mote it be!


A prayer to the goddess... by Crimson Vermillion; Humble priestess of Night.


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