Lady Sigyn WIP Picture

This is a webcam pic (so it sucks) of a WIP picture for my dear friend Kat, of the Norse goddess Sigyn.

Sigyn is the wife of Loki, who has many names, one of which (and my favourite) is "The North Star". (You can't see it because it got cropped out, but I have her crowned with stars.) She holds a bowl over the bound Loki to catch venom that drips from the goddess Skadi's snake, which she bound over Loki to torment him until he is freed for Ragnarok.

The runes on the bowl are Nauthiz and Kenaz, which are associated with Sigyn and Loki respectively.

"'There are two runes that I associate in part with Sigyn. The first is berkana, which I have already discussed here. The second, however, is nauthiz. My adopted mother, who belonged to Sigyn and Loki, called Sigyn “Our Lady of the Staying Power” and ‘Our Lady of Enduring Grace.” While these epithets are certainly apropos for Sigyn, they also summon forth powerful elements of nauthiz’s character. Nauthiz, whose symbol represents a fire-bow, is a rune of grim determination and fierce need. It is the literal need-fire, that which sustains life. Its flames, while searing, once kindled, can be very difficult to extinguish. This rune is summoned by need and that self-same need is the fuel upon which it burns. It is necessity at its most bitter. "' from here: [link] (she's a fantastic authoress, I someday want to own her books)

Kenaz symbolises creative fire, illumination, knowledge, and the quest for truth (according to various sites I've found). Which is very fitting for the Trickster Loki.

On the actual picture and the style, I wanted to shoot for a graceful, calm depiction similar to how the Mother Mary is depicted in Catholic art.

I want to add a lot more symbolism (this is just the basic outline for the picture- I'd like to scan and colour it, and just in general add to it) especially from Galina Krasskova's "73 Adorations to Sigyn" (here [link] ) especially the "Goddess of Healing Waters" and ladybugs. My ultimate goal is to make it appear to be a stained glass, but we'll see. There're still a lot of things for me to fix, namely some of the anatomy and the drape of the cloth.
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