No Sympathies: Calcabrina Picture

"But Calcabrina, raging at the trick, flew after Alichino; he was keen to see the sinner free and have a brawl."

~ Dante, The Divine Comedy

~ ~ ~

Calcabrina is a member of the Malebranche, and boy is Wikipedia confused as to what his name means! It could mean "Grace Stomper" or "Brine Walker." I chose to use the "Brine Walker" interpretation, since that gave me a better visual - he's a fish! A big ole fish demon.

Calcabrina tries to rescue Alichino when the clown demon falls into the lake of pitch, only to get caught as well. I guess those two are buds?

My Calcabrina is female, and I based her on the Starbucks logo of the two tailed mermaid who's holding up her two tails, who I know is based on a real mythological entity but don't care to research at the moment. The point is that Calcabrina has two tails like the Starbucks logo.

She probably still pals around with Alichino. They seem like they'd be pretty tight.
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