Kharis Picture

((Definition of Kharis shamelessly stolen off my Classics prof's website. The answer to everything in that class is kharis. Everything.

Kharis/Charis: beauty; joy, delight; kindness, good will; grace, favour; benefit, boon; charm, attraction, appeal; elegance, gracefulness; pleasure, cheerfulness, wit; gratitude, thankfulness; gratification

It's a ridiculously multi-purposed word. We get a lot of words in English from kharis: charisma, charity, etc.

When you greet someone in ancient Greek, you say "Khaire!" or "Khairete!" depending on the number of people, which means rejoice.

This is just a little doodle while I'm working through the massive amount of school work I've accumulated. @[email protected] I'm sorry about that, I'll get back to all your questions as soon as I can! Thanks for bearing with me! >w<

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I decided to experiment and not sketch before I coloured, I just started with a yellow blob and it turned into her face. XD ))
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