June 09: Alexandra Linus Picture

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"Imagine how much happier your childhood would have been, if you had no idea who your parents were."

A show as extensive as Lost has a lengthy list of characters. There are the obviously main lads and lasses, and the often spotted secondaries who flit about in the background, occasionally popping up for a centric episode, revealing some odd quirks and quarks before skipping off for another little while (or being killed off shortly after. For shame, new cast of season 2.)

Some of these not-so-primary characters just seem to be drawn up to fill in space or some blanks. Some are curious, some are boring, some are useless and some propel the plot in exciting directions. Be they great or not-so great, they aren't really designed to overshadow the main cast.

Then there's Alex. Every time Alex pops her little head up, I mentally shove Jack and Kate to the metaphorical television sideline, focusing all attention on what Sheena will get up to next.

Alex is blessed with an inherently fascinating (if not horribly strange and traumatizing) family tree. She was conceived by a once-upon-a-time sane-in-the-brain Danielle and her redunkously sexy French husband (Roh-bear), who unfortunately fell prey to Smokey and ended up with his lover's bullet in his brain. She was born to a slightly-less-sane-in-the-brain Danielle, ordered to be killed by a glum-faced Widmore, and eventually (kidnapped... adopted... stolen...saved... er, napdopted? ) by Benjamin Linus. Ben, great guy that he is, told her that Mum was dead and that she was his. He pushed her on the swings and taught her to skin bunnies and whatnot.

Then, hormones kicked in. You know how kids start acting up when the pimples start scuzzing up their skin. They start kicking major ass.

There's just something so wonderfully interesting about Alex. It's hard to place it... perhaps, it's the slow reveal of her character's identity. Perhaps because, through this slow reveal, we learn crucial things about her 'father', Ben, and her mother Danielle. Her existence, her birth, her kidnapping and her murder all propelled huge plots on Lost. Even if she isn't a headlining name, and has only graced 17 episodes (thank you, Lostpedia!), her mere being has been the catalyst for some of the most important events on the show.

On top of all of that... well, Alex is just a damn cool chick by her own right. Forget her nutty parents and her unfortunate end; Alex is a strong, clever, compassionate and rather stubborn young woman. Somehow, she's inherited traits from her biological and adoptive family. You shouldn't get in this teen's way; you won't last too long.

(Oh, and Alex + Karl = awww. Karl is just so stupid and adorable and romantic, like any good mildly brainwashed teenager. I love Karl. )

Alex continues to fascinate and add to the Lost mythology, even after death. On a random side note, Tania Raymonde is one of the most unique beauties on t.v.... seriously, have you ever seen anyone who looks quite like her? Sort of strange features that are still somehow absolutely gorgeous... refreshing in a culture that promotes homogenized beauty.

A testament to the merit of secondary character everywhere; a definite show-stealer, on a show going 500 directions at once. THAT'S a true feat.

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