Golden_Boy_by_kiwidoc Picture

Update - On second thoughts I didn't like the way the hair and the shadows were working where the horns meet his head, so I've redone them

Many thanks to vishstudio for allowing me to use the large version of his superb black and white photo.

I have tried to make him look as though he is a living statue cast in gold, but I am not so sure I succeeded. However I do like the way he has ended up. The antlers are intended to be Celtic symbolism – the deer epitomizing beauty and grace. I’ve made him gold for beauty, for youth (we talk of golden boys) and also perhaps for temptation. Gilded things do catch our eye and our hearts so easily.

The pendant was a birthday present from New Zealand, and was made by a family of glass artists. The motif is a spiral, which has many rich meanings in Celtic mythology. To my eye it also hints at the Maori Koru as well.

A simple Before & After morph [link]

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