Angel of the Night Picture

Adilia, my beloved Angel of the Forest Night. Adilia was our world's equivalent to Mother Nature. She was the Gaia of Oneioria. She was beloved by all of nature. The plants, animals, and even the elements themselves adored her and gladly yielded to her whim. The wind would blow to her beckoning, the earth would grace her every step with blossoms of fragrant flowers, the water would break its banks and flood the land if that was her desire, fires would ignite themselves and burn whatever she might command, the trees would uproot themselves and race to her aid, predator and prey animals would put aside their differences and form armies to defend her, even lightning and thunder would set the skies ablaze with light and noise in response to her fury. Adilia was so one with the natural world of Oneiroia until she was as the God Queen of the Land and Sky.
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