Divild - The Child of Arceus Picture

Divild - The Sacred Pokémon (NORMAL Type)

This is a new legendary Pokémon which I have made up. In mythology, Divild (AKA the "PokéJesus") is known as "The Child of the Original One" as he is made directly from the image of Arceus, hence why he resembles a mini-Arceus. Divild is also known to represent "love" and "new life", therefore it has some relation to friendship as well as Pokémon Eggs.

Despite the fact that Arceus is the father of this little guy, Divild does not evolve into Arceus and he also cannot be obtained by breeding Arceus.

His signature move is "Salvation", which allows the user to fully restore HP as well as restoring all stat changes to normal and also removing any status condition may affect the user (except the Pokérus, which is meant to be a good thing), but the move may fail if used in succession (kinda like Protect and Detect). In double battles, the move can affect either the user or his partner. Divild also has the "Serene Grace" ability.

The origin of Divild's name came from the words "Divine" and "Child", which is quite fitting due to the background information of this Pokémon.

Here's some music for a possible encounter with Divild: [link]

Arceus and Pokémon in general belongs to Game Freak and Nintendo.
Divild is done by myself.

You may freely use this sprite as long as you give credit and that you don't modify it in any way without permission and claim this as your own. Why? Because if you steal this sprite I'll send the Mafia after you. Seriously.
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