Quetzalcoatl the dragon of air Picture

I've started writing the fifth chapter (well, technically rewriting) of the Tyrantis Saga which, in its older incarnation, was held by my few fans as the best. This one leaves the realm of science fiction and departs into fantasy. As such, i felt that posting concept art for some of its principle characters was appropriate.

In the fifth chapter of the Tyrantis Saga, Quetzoalcoatyl's role is sadly the second smallest, but still important. The plumed serpent is sort of the saga's Mothra/Biollante (Kraydi also fills in the Mothra role) and, like his mythological counterpart, is a benevolent beast of grace and sympathy.

Quetzoalcoatyl's history follows the myth almost perfectly: while he isn't a true god, he is a powerful dragon that, with other magic beings, ruled the Azteks. Quet was a good ruler but was decieved and betrayed by a vampire named Tezcatlipoca, who raped the serpent's priestesses and killed his followers before finally banishing the dragon from Mexico. Quet can only return to his homeland when Tezcatlipoca dies.

His mother was the greatest of all Amphitheres (winged serpent dragons), Tiamat. While mythology painted her in a negative light, her teachings of protecting nature influenced her son. However, he valued all life, human included, and could not show the disdain for humans that his foster brother Smowg showed. Quet and Smowg disagreed often, with their younger brother Leviathan often caught in the middle.

Quet can control the winds. In addition, his feathers have magic properties. Green feathers can heal any wound. Red can make plants grow rapidly to the user's will. Black can strengthen any blade so that it may "cut like the wind." Quet can also breath flame and inject venom from his fangs, though these abilities are rarely used, as well as change his size and shape. Quet uses the shape shifting power more than his brothers.

All three of the dragon brothers can regenerate any wound, defy the laws of physics (magic!), and by their meer prescence cause wildlife to flourish or whither. Magic

Quetzalcoatyl is one of my favorite mythological figures. I've drawn him a billion times and sculpted him a billion ways, and this drawing in my mind does him justice. His coloration is based on that of a real quetzal bird, with a few mythological trouches (such as the rainbow feather mane) thrown in. His design has not changed much since my first sketch of him. Like all my drawings, Quet was hand drawn and then colored/ edited slightly in photoshop.
regeneration can trump magic dealt attacks.
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