Aki Kitsune Picture

A new color kitsune piece--one of the most complicated I've ever done--which will be making its debut at Rainfurrest 2013!

This is a reworking of an old black and white tattoo design, called Kitsunewoman. It had never really gotten much attention, but I'd always liked the graceful sweep of that design. Plus, I *love* designing kimono. So in honor of the season, I redesigned it into a full-color piece, full of Japanese autumn symbolism. So 'Kitsunewoman' has now become 'Aki Kitsune', clad in a sunset kimono beneath an autumn moon ....

The official first edition print will be up for auction at Rainfurrest Art Show; open edition prints will not be available through my website until after Rainfurrest is over. But if you'd like to buy some smaller prints or some of my other pieces, I will also be in the Artist Alley--come by and say 'hi'!
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