Leaning Monk Picture

Leaning Monk Monastery, though famed for its seclusion and impressive view, is probably best known for its namesake, the Leaning Monk. Built some centuries past to honor a young monk who, it was said, could walk with animals and speak to the trees, it had been placed on an unstable hill and after a bad winter storm a landslide left it leaning precariously out over the valley. However, in such high esteem did the forest hold this young monk, that it reached out vines and branches to bind his statue in place. And it rests there still, guarding the approach to the monastery now called after it.

The Leaning Monk himself as never been named: he was called He Xhaun Li (which literally means "someone who speaks with trees") and appeared at the monastery at the age of five, and for the next four years walked in the forest and performed miracles, before disappearing as mysteriously as he had appeared. There is some contention as to his exact identity: the other monks say that he was a saint anointed by the Supreme Being, and that he had been called away to attend more important matters in Heaven. But modern scholars speculate that he had in fact be a she, and a member of the reclusive Qi Shinsu, the all-female order of forest priests who possessed supernatural healing powers, as well as being able to speak to animals and trees. This would give a more plausible explanation as to why He Xhaun Li disappeared at the age of nine.

Haha. It's finished. This is actually my May illustration for my Black Book, but was delayed due to rafting and fatigue. So here it is, nearly a month late.
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