Mitsuko the Goddess Picture

Mitsuko shows up many times through the years with either long or short hair it never looks right she just ends up looking wrong. The green and glowing is always overwhelming. I thought maybe one day I'd master it. Then I realized, Mitsuko isn't done right.

She's the goddess of creation, mother nature so to speak, in her own way. She creates what was later destroy. She should be graceful and dignified, she should look like a queen like a goddess who has been around for a long time. Not some silly girl in a harem type top and billowy pants. SO! This is what I've come up wtih.

[link] This is one of the better old designs.

Mitsuko has pinetree green hair (or dark green so to speak) and her dress i sa series of blues meant to immitate water! The flowers she wears are pinks and purples......and show her life giving abilities, and those things cascading from her hair to her eyes are pearls.

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