Goddess of Mercy Elita Picture

Inspired by luycat410's picture of Moonracer as the Chinese moon goddess Chang-E [[link] This is the lineart of Elita-One as the Chinese goddess/bodhisattva of mercy Guan-Yin, who was imported from Buddhism. I based the style on old Chinese paintings of Guan-Yin, with the model for this picture being a Guan-Yin that my grandmother owns. Elita-One was chosen for this picture because she is one of the most mature female Autobots, a gentle but firm leader.

I know that there are several female fans who dislike Elita because she's "weak and has to rely on men," but in my opinion, this view of her is completely wrong. She did go to consult Alpha Trion when the Decepticons found her base, but she did what any leader would do and went to get advise from the wisest person that she knew. Also, she was able to take out Astrotrain and Ramjet bare-handed, including throwing a missile back at Ramjet, so she's pretty strong. While Elita might not have the attitude of a tough warrior, she is capable of being strong while still being graceful, powerful but still feminine. She's not so much a soldier as she is a Lady of War, and I like her for that.

Part of this was also inspired by the conversation with lucycat that I had, in which we said that if TFs were Chinese gods, then Hot Rod would be Sun Wukong/Son Goku and Cliffjumper would be Nezha/Nataku. I might draw those too, if I ever get to it.
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