The Fire Within Picture

Saenir, together with his son, Faenir and some few companions had tracked Orc raiders as far as Khand on the borders of Mordor, where upon the Harad road, they were ambushed by the Orc host hiding among the trees. Outnumbered 8 to 1, they were surrounded on all sides. The foul Orc captain sounded the attack on his horn and there ensued a fray, both fell and fierce. Saenir, before the first of the enemy had taken 3 steps rode before his companions in a fury like unto a mighty storm, hewing heads of a dozen of the raiders with a single swing of his great sword. Until finally confronted by the massive Orc captain, who charged at Saenir with his scimitar. There, with the speed and grace honed through many such battles in the 2000 years of his life, took one lightning swipe of his blade and sent the Orc leader to his final rest.
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