Sundered flight Picture

From the note with no return address:
"I've been seeing these things lately, these apparitions. At first they seem to look like fairies or angels, and they seem to behave gracefully in a strange or subtle way but I have this piercing feeling; that they are sinister creatures".

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Creature design and descriptions © Tim Bernard (Ray-of-Afterlife)
Materials: pencil, pen on paper
Time: 2 hours
Inspiration: Masahiro Ito ( monster designer of the first 3 silent hill games)
Trivia: An illustration of a Sunder using it's insect-like wings to fly. They seem to behave gracefully in a subtle or strange way; possibly giving them an almost angelic or fairy-like appearance just like the note says. This can be representation of deception; since the entity can be considered as a deathly omen like the complete note reveals. The idea was inspired by Banshees; the female spirits in Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the underworld.

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