The Statue That Came to Life Picture

Once upon a time, there was an artist known throughout the land for his artistic talents and especially for the beauty of his life-like sculptures. The artist was a lonely man. Art was his only passion, so he was rarely seen outside of his studio. Day in and day out, he worked ceaselessly on his pieces.

One day, the artist decided to sculpt a life-size work out of new marble. For some odd reason, he worked as if possessed. The artist neither ate nor slept until the sculpture was finished. So captivated was he by the beauty of his own work that he prayed to the gods to give her life. Aphrodite, who felt so compelled by the artist's pleas, smiled warmly at him from Mt. Olympus. A soft pink glow engulfed him and the statue and the artist watched in awe and gratitude as his work slowly took on a flesh form.

"Galatea ... " It came to him from the wind, and so his love was named. He fell to his knees, thanking the gods and holding his new maiden. She smiled back at him affectionately. What the artist didn't realize was that some of his own life force was being transferred to the sculpture. And even though the two were in love, one must wonder, was this really such a blessing?

This is my submission for the contest hosted by the group Club-Tutu here on

I was inspired by the story of Pygmalion and Galatea, a Greek myth in which the artist Pygmalion falls in love with a statue he created and which came to life by the grace of the gods. I thought it would be a fitting compliment to Princess Tutu and Mytho because of how Princess Tutu is only a manifestation of one of Mytho's heartshards (combined with a duck) according to the anime.

There are a few bits in the picture where I became a bit sloppy in my work. I really wanted to finish it before tomorrow because I have a lot of other things to do. But overall, I'm satisfied with the outcome. I am beginning to rely less and less on digitally reproducing the lineart. If you didn't notice, I almost didn't use any lines in the background. I may submit another entry for the contest if another inspiration hits in time because I am honestly in LOVE with Greek and Roman (and Norse) mythology.
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