Ride Me High Picture

Hey lookie, it'sa Wiris. (Weer iss)

I spent ALL DAY on this friggin pic, argh. It had a backround, it had more details, but it just didn't work well, so I went the simple road of lyrics and character alone. I'm not too crazy about it since it took forever and I couldn't get it exactly right.

However, I must say, I was finally able to marginally capture the grace and sincerity of Wiris in a picture. It's very difficult to do.

SHE DON'T WURR CLOTHES. Centaurs don't wear them, they're like big mythological hippies. I like her little boobies - too much boob is unatractive.
Oh yeah, this is all thanks to Bob Dylan - for his song 'You Ain't Going Nowhere'. It just makes me happy and I think of Wiris and Hips on a sunny day having a picnic or something...

Wiris © Lana Corry
Lyris © Bob Dylan
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