dragon...kite...fish Picture

Legends speak of it graceful flight amongst the clouds, its beautiful yellow barbels swaying in the wind.

Extended Pokedex (just for the contest):This Pokemon weighs nearly nothing despite its size, causing it to remain airborn its entire life. They often accompany schools of SHARKITE.
Over the ages, people have made kites and wind socks in their image. These are often flown during festivals and other special events.

The evolution of Sharkite I made for ~FawkesTheSkarmory's Contest.

Its design is loosely based after a koinobori (a carp shaped wind sock) and a Feilong (a flying dragon of Chinese mythology) mix with features from its previous stage (such as the yellow kite tail which is has double and is now barbels).

I really enjoy how this design came out :3 its neat how this line unintentionally ended up similar to magikarp/gyarados (fish to dragon esque creature).

So enjoy!

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