Celestial Trio - Nimdre Picture

Nimdre: Lady of the Moon

I've always been fascinated by astronomical mythology and things like the Greek/Roman pantheons and other personifications of celestial bodies. I don't remember how, but I got it into my head back in November some time to do my own version with my Crossworld characters. And then the brain went "Hey, why not make a series?" Of course, I forgot to take into account my ADD attention span, so two of the three pictures sat around for over a month waiting for me to finish the third piece. And then, in the length of about one afternoon, I finally got it done! Yeah, I tend to be silly like that.

I've always thought of the moon as more exotic and romantic, and somehow that ties in with my idea of the Far East, and Nimdre's lend herself well to Oriental fashion. The moon also connects with rhythm and passion, with dancing especially. At least the more graceful styles of dance. And I'd given Gaius a prop already, so I figured Nimdre should have one too, but what would work for the moon... I didn't want another weapon, at least not a blatant one, because I never thought of the moon as openly powerful. And then my mind caught onto the idea of a fan. It was perfect! They're used for dancing, for hiding ones face, and even as a sneaky weapon. The black circle on Nimdre's fan represents the new moon, of course. I'd wanted the lines on her orb to look a bit like a stylized crescent moon of sorts, but someone pointed out it also looks a bit like a shell, which ties in well with the concept of the tides, so I'll say that's valid too.
Did you notice how Gaius' primary theme is gold and he has bright blue eyes, while Nimdre's theme is blue and purple and her eyes are golden? Funny how that works
Details: [link]

(Nimdre © Me, and is part of the Crossworld setting :3)
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