Monsterpedia #5: Mighty Mopher Picture

Oddly enough, Parlon is the only world of mine that knows of latex tight suits, and where subterranean rodents will proudly wear it.

Battle Theme: [link]

(all numerical stats are out of maximum of 10) (you can hover over some statistics to learn more about what they mean)

Species: Mighty Mopher (moh-ferr)
Genus: Star-Nosed Mopher
Element: Earth
Body Type: Flesh, Fabric
Loot Drop: Power Band

Height: 2'
Width: 1'
Length: 1'
Weight: 40 lbs

Personality: Hyper Offensive
Habitat: caves, mountainsides
Diet: Insects, worms, fruit, nuts

Quantity: 2
Mob: loner, or a "team" of Mighty Mophers
Variants: Mopher, Masher Mopher, Momma Mopher

Danger Rank: 6

Battle Stats:

Health: 5
Armor: 1
Fortitude: 4
Strength: 7
Intellect: 6
Dexterity: 1
Agility: 4
Courage: 10
Magic: 5


A proud star-nosed mopher, donning the attire of a hero, and pledging justice for its Mopher brethren. Capable of martial arts and using magical powers to fly and defend itself, its only weakness is its overconfident personality.


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