Edymion: Guardian to Selene Picture

I original had him up, and now I'm putting him back.

Edymion, in my Sailor Moon world, is Sailor Selene's guardian. He helps protect the post entry she guards to the Cauldron of Light. He says very little, but he deeply loves Selene.

On Earth, he is Takanari, a prine from a tiny country who is half Japanese. He and Saya have a weird vibe thing going on, but they are meant to be.

As for as he goes, I feel like her has too much white, and it would be hard to clean up. TTATT I am reposting this because I am working on Takuto right now for Sailor Asteria. ^^

His clothes are based around Asbel from TofGF

Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
Takanari/Edymion (c) *MoondancerAya
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