Qilin gen Long Picture

麒麟跟龙 should be the actual title, but dA only allows certain alphanumeric characters in their titles
Anyway, the title means Qilin and Dragon.

The dragon is, of course, an Oriental dragon. It is powerful and aggressive, and is associated with rain and water (Hmm... is that why, in Hong Kong, they say that seeing dragonflies means a rainstorm is coming? Never thought of that...). It was the emblem of the emperor in ancient times.

A Qilin is known as the Chinese unicorn. There are different descriptions of it, but mine has the body of a deer, the head of a dragon, scales of a fish, and the tail of a lion. Its appearance is auspicious, and despite its fierce appearance, it is a gentle animal. One appeared to Confucius' mommy before she gave birth. That was how she knew that Confucius was going to be a super duper kid.

The qilin and dragon are two animals in a group of four animals known as "The 1337est An!mals in all of Ch!na." Just kidding. But it carries the same concept. The other two are the turtle (usually depicted with a dragon head as well) and the phoenix. A lot of people aren't familiar with the qilin or the turtle. I guess this is because the dragon and phoenix are also popularly used to represent male and female (yang and yin). The turtle represents wisdom, and the phoenix represents prosperity and grace.

I drew these for a shirt design for this group on campus called ARCC, but they decided it was too detailed so now I'm working on something else. Gaahhh it took forever too! Oh well. They're kinda ugly anyway.

The dragon really shouldn't be larger than the qilin...
These designs were based off European heraldry, especially the qilin. I didn't like how front legs of horses were portrayed though, so I changed that.
This pose, in which the left back leg is on the ground, and the other three are in the air, is called "rampant."

Feel free to use as tattoos, and please send photos if you do! The only editing you're allowed to do if you use one or the other as a tattoo: removing the Chinese characters or coloring in the bodies of the animals. You must leave the lines intact.
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