Monsterpedia #1: Bezergloth Picture

I think instead of doing further Monster Months, I'm going to provide monster illustrations on a slightly-normal basis. If by any chance there IS another Monster Month, it'll just add more to this Monsterpedia.

A slight change to the information sheet, but some new features, like a new Armor stat (since Fortitude didn't cover specific defense) and using Acronyms to display information about statistics, like the numerical Battle Stats.

Battle Theme: [link]

(all star stats are out of maximum of 10) (you can hover over some statistics to learn more about what they mean)

Species: Bezergloth (beh-zerr-glawth)
Genus: Magma Lizard
Element: Fire
Body Type: Flesh
Loot Drop: Bezer Leather, Molten Mucus

Height: 4' 2"
Width: 5'
Length: 8'
Weight: 980 lbs

Personality: Lethargic Territorial
Habitat: volcanic regions; Gorgalite Mountains
Diet: insects, rocks

Quantity: 7
Mob: small to large groups, a "nest" of Bezergloth
Variants: Gwergloth, Aogloth, Sikaogloth

Danger Rank: 4

Battle Stats:

Health: 5
Armor: 7
Fortitude: 6
Strength: 4
Intellect: 3
Dexterity: 4
Agility: 3
Courage: 7
Magic: 2


A cousin to the Gwergloth and Aogloth, this one is more prone to aggression. The Bezergloth secretes super-heated mucus out of its nostrils and several other pores on its back. Its thick, calloused body is immune to heat and blunt blows. It can't feel a thing, except for the pads on its feet, which can feel the vibrations in the ground.


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