Egyptian Gods Sketches Picture

Some sketches I did of my three favourite Egyptian gods (plus one goddess)).
And no, they don't have animal heads, because those images are symbolic, dammit. Egyptian religion is a very complex phenomenon that has nothing to do with European logic. So there.

First, Horus the Younger (son of Isis). I've always imagined him as a rather innocent and honest youth, especially after I read that he had barely reached adulthood when his feud with Seth started. Poor guy, always under the pressure of his parents.
I think his hair under the crown are short and ruffled))) And give him a very un-kingly look, so he prefers to never put his crown off. XD

Next to him, Thot. The quiet, wise and a very, very sly god of magic, knowledge and Moon. He actually stole some parts of Osiris' body after Seth ripped him apart, did you know? Thot also stole a bunch of gifts offered to other gods and then used his position to win the trial and punish the god who accused him of this crime. So don't mess with the calm nerdy-looking guys.))
I gave him the glasses 'cause I wanted to.

Hathor, the goddess of love, fun and music. I didn't want to draw her horns as a crown, because for some reason I find them very graceful and beautiful.
Oh, and she can sometimes turn into Sekhmet, the bloodthirsty lioness goddess of war. So don't mess with her either))

And finally, Seth. My top favourite)) A god of chaos, warriors, desert and strength, who once ruled Egypt along with his brother Horus the Elder, but then he was demonised by people's beliefs and took the role of Horus the Younger's bitter enemy. He also was known as the powerful protector of Ra's Sun Barque, who fights Apep and prevents him from devouring the Sun.
It is said that Seth had a mane of copper-red hair, so I've always imagined him with long hair. But that must be inconvenient in battle, so I gave him a ponytail.
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