the Hobbit : flowers in your hair Picture

and I took you by the hand / and we stood tall, / and remembered our own land, / what we lived for.

and there will come a time, / you’ll see, with no more tears./ and love will not break your heart, / but dismiss your fears. / get over your hill and see / what you find there, / with grace in your heart / and flowers in your hair.

and I will die alone / and be left there. / well I guess I’ll just go home, / oh God knows where. / because death is just so full / and man so small. /well I’m scared of what’s behind / and what’s before - Mumford & Sons / After the Storm

people should definitely take Mumford&Sons’s albums away from me.

(little side note: the flowers in Thorin’s hair are supposed to be red anemones and poppies, that in Roman mythology are both linked with death.)
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