Fantasy races Picture

Now some .. fantasy races, i started to descrive it becouse the category menu was jamed or something.

205) Pest's Nightmare: I will never remember the name of the mythological creature in which this character is inspired, but it was supposed to use those swords against pests to help farmers.

206) Lamia: Snake people from an underground blazing desert, also inhabited by giant scorpions, lion-crocodiles and dung beetle people.

207) Tritones: Fish people from ... below the sea.

208) Pale diggers: ... Well, they do live underground and are pale because of that... but i don't much else to say.

209) Wind riders: Graceful anthropomorphic horses.

210) Ñuberu: Masters of the clouds, the rain and the lighting. They live up high on the misty mountains.

211) Walrus people: Wulrus people from the artic... yea, that axe is made out of ice.

212) Silk people: I know I'm not creative with the names, you sure know that too at this point. I think they are also subacuatic creatures, they have a simple culture with low technology, since they make pretty much all they need from their own bodily fluids therefore limiting the need of industry or craftmanship techniques. "I made you a sweater dear, why don't you try it on? ... yuuk"
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