Monsterpedia #2: Water Weck Picture

A re-submission, because there's some details about the Water Weck better covered with the new data form.

Battle Theme: [link]

(all star stats are out of maximum of 10) (you can hover over some statistics to learn more about what they mean)

Species: Water Weck (wehck)
Genus: Mutated Poisonous Humanshape
Element: Poison + Water
Body Type: Flesh
Loot Drop: Poison Goop

Height: 4'
Width: 4'
Length: 6'
Weight: 60 lbs

Personality: Hungry Aggressive
Habitat: dark, watery areas
Diet: blood, mana

Quantity: 8
Mob: various, a "nest" of Water Wecks
Variants: Minor Weck, Queen Water Weck

Danger Rank: 5

Battle Stats:

Health: 2
Armor: 1
Fortitude: 1
Strength: 0
Intellect: 2
Dexterity: 3
Agility: 5
Courage: 8
Magic: 7


The Water Weck is not the average run-of-the-mill weck, but it's not a rare occurrence. A Minor (infant) Weck will evolve into an elemental weck based on its surroundings or other influences, like other wecks. If it does not find such influences, it will not evolve, and the mana inside it will overflow, causing it to suffer from severe mana poisoning, and eventually enter an evolutionary phase, mutating into a pile of watery flesh and becoming a Water Weck.

Its body and mind become poisoned, and it accepts this poison and adapts to it, causing the weck to turn over all of the things that make the Weck so close to being human - besides its feminine shape. It crawls around the floor by using its hands as front feet, or it can swim.

Water Wecks scorn the sunlight, and seclude themselves to dark caves and dungeons. They are exponentially more dangerous in numbers.


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