The Taker Picture

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All references by *HiddenYume-stock. This is for their Awaken the Goddess contest.
Main event: Island Love 10
Left spirit: Graceful Water Goddess 7
Middle spirit: Water Bending 8
Right spirit: Autumn Fae At Rest 7

Translation: No one is able to flee from death or love.

The Taker, the Ruby Sorceress, the Dark-Eyed Lady: all of these are names for Wee Jas, the goddess of death, magic, vanity, and law in DnD mythos. Norebo, a lesser god himself, is the god of luck, gambling, and risks. He has coupled with most of the other goddesses at one point or another, but for the past 1000 years he has remained with Wee Jas. Has she taken him all for herself, or has he secretly taken her heart?

Read more about Wee Jas here.

When I first saw the contest, my first thought was "who or what is awakening my goddess?" That's why I was drawn to the Island Love series. It's a really sweet and romantic series of stock, but this one picture I chose was different because I think it had a darker element. The picture was clearly all about her. She had this sort of "yes, yes my pet" expression, looking in control while he looked dedicated and captivated. It was perfect for the theme, I thought.

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