Cerynian Hind Picture

Created in Photoshop CS6 and Apophysis 7X.

Hercules, my friend, I am truly exhilarated by your safe and swift return! You are proving to be a formidable and noble warrior, but how is your endurance?
The next task in your redemption will require stamina not muscle. You must travel to Keryneia and capture the Ceryneian Hind, said to be the fastest creature to grace the land. While you stalk your target keep a keen eye for its golden antlers and bronze hooves.

Do heed me Hercules, this beast has been known to out pace a flying arrow. You will be lucky to snare it within a year of the chase. Ensure to visit a cobbler before you depart, the swamps of Lerna appear to have damaged your sandals and they will need to be every bit as strong as you to endure the hunt.

Every fraternally,


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Cerynian Hind - You are here.
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Augean Stables  - [link]

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