Monsterpedia #3: Yenkito Picture

Another one of my thematic-horse-replace-creature, but this one isn't for Guardian Sagas...

Battle Theme: [link]

(all numerical stats are out of maximum of 10) (you can hover over some statistics to learn more about what they mean)

Species: Yenkito (yehn-kih-toh)
Genus: Arctic Stede
Element: Cold
Body Type: Flesh
Loot Drop: Elegant Horn

Height: 8'
Width: 3'
Length: 8'
Weight: 320 lbs

Personality: Docile
Habitat: arctic regions, or can be found anywhere else near civilizations where they are owned by humans.
Diet: bush/small tree leaves, berries, fruit

Quantity: 7
Mob: various, a "court" of Yenkitoes
Variants: none

Danger Rank: 2

Battle Stats:

Health: 9
Armor: 1
Fortitude: 5
Strength: 2
Intellect: 6
Dexterity: 8
Agility: 8
Courage: 5
Magic: 0


A docile and friendly bovine creature from the arctic regions, it was taken in by man and tamed as a riding animal and warhorse. It bears a thick coat all around its body to withstand the harsh cold of winter, but is shaven by its owners in the warmer regions during warmer months. Its feet aren't hooved, but instead have thick pads and small claws to grip the sides of hills for the ease of uphill travel.

Yenkitoes from the arctic climates have blue/white tints to their fur, and others will have colors ranging between purple, red, brown, and yellow, depending on their latitude of birth.


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