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Loki's Song by Aislynn, 1983 ([link])

I am the God of the manifold truth,
Always changing my shape akin the flame.
And as the flame will only know a thing ,
By burning it to ashes
So, too, I have to destroy everything I find.
For fire is my element,
And manyshaped as the flames is my game.

Men! Even while you hate me,
Honor me still;
For as none of the doings of the other Gods,
My work has impact
On your deeds and plans;
And your souls are the very matter
I am forming!

The everlasting doubter I am called
And never can I find complete what I am seeking.
Within my mirror I regard each thing,
And manifold and wondrous I find it reflected:
Distorted an fractured, as well as clear and pure.
And as often as the truth for me will change to lies,
As often lies will change to become truth.
All grace and beauty I will drown in scorn,
And still I find
Within the scorn itself beauty anew.
Love I will drown in hate. And yet
On the very barren ground which I create,
May always grow new beauty...

Those who are called the wise will need me for a time.
But only after they have banned me from their hearts,
They have found wisdom:
When they at last have made their peace with me...
But I move on, leave them behind, to seek anew,
Because always I feel the need to seek for more.

For this is my true ban:
That over the many shapes I find within a thing
I never can discern its true essence and core;
And should not understand it even if I'd found it,
And if I would discern it, I'd rip it apart.

So Peace and rest forever eludes me,
And I am bound forever by my very ban.

I am the God who's always seeking,
never finding,
For everything I found,
I rip apart;
Nothing may last for me,
Everything falls to shards

I was quite disappointed with last Marvel film "Thor" ... The olny thing I liked...was Loki armor.

To tell the truth I improved it a little.

( more about Loki)

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