Shishin: Suzaku (APLM V.3) Picture

"One of my best works but it is also the greatest mistake of my life." Most loved person shown as Suzaku.

SUZAKU "Red Bird" or "Red Chinese Bird"
The Red Bird Guardian of the South. Inclined with summer,red,fire and knowledge.
It is a symbol of high virtue and grace. The Suzaku also symbolizes the union of yin and yang. It appears in peaceful and prosperous times but hides when trouble is near.
Japan: Suzaku/Sujaku Chinese: Zhuque Korea: Ju Jak

Fully painted in Photoshop.
FULL VIEW PLEASE to see the small details.

Shishin (Jap.) are four guardian beasts from Chinese mythology. (Ssu Ling in Chinese)
The Shishin also correspond to the five elements or five phase cosmology in Chinese traditional philosophy, which is also used in Chinese medicine and martial arts.
The Shishin are:
Suzaku and Seiryuu [link]
Seiryuu [link]
Byakko [link]
Genbu [link]
Kouryu [link]
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