Thor Vs. Wonder Woman 2012 Picture

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Back in 09 I followed the trend of drawing a character each week, keeping the theme of the name of the day and the characters name synonymous. Wonder Woman Wednesdays was my way of practicing drawing women which I was HORRIBLE at (and still to a degree) in order learn and grow while having some fun. I challenged myself to not only do a drawing, but ink and color a illustration of her all while doing other art as well. I even tried my hand at watercoloring painting some of the pieces to try something different=]

This venture spawned a fight between gods, Diana a demi god from the DC Universe and Thor from the Marvel Universe. The two characters are and should be regarded as some of the most powerful character to ever grace the comic book scene. I loved seeing Wonder Woman tower over Superman in Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier and felt she was finally taken as serious as she deserved.

All that said, this is a piece I am finally happy with. I'd like to have fully painted it rather than the cell shading, but that will also come in time. I am in the process of relearning how to color in a manor that fits my current mind state. I really am enjoying how animated movies are colored (hand drawn cartoons) and the beautiful rendering of painterly styled works, comic and otherwise. If you see anything here that could be done better, please feel free to express so, I am always interested learning and doing what I can to become a better artist.

I hope you enjoy this piece and come back to see what else I am working on.....

the journey.....
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