She Who Wove The Stars Into The Night Sky Picture

Hoshino ( ' hoshi ' meaning ' star ' )
Daughter of Orihime and Hikoboshi.

Allience: Rebels

[ STORY ]_________________________________________________________________________
Hoshino is the daughter of the celestial deities, Orihime and Hikoboshi, who lived
amongst the stars in splendor and happiness. Orihime, daughter to the Sky King Tentei
wove cloth and garbs of wonder and luxury. It was because she wove such fine things
that the King selfishly kept her alone and to himself. Day by day, Orihime grew more
and more lonely. She pleaded to her father to allow her to be free, if only for a little while.
He graciously obliged and soon after, Orihime met and fell in love instantly with the Star
Herder, Hikoboshi. They soon got married and began a life of their own together, hoping
to stay in eachother's loving embrace of eternity and thereafter. But not long after their
marriage, the Sky King became angered. Orihime no longer wished to weave and create
cloth and garbs for his kingdom and in a fit of rage, he hurled her across the Great River,
separating her from her lover. Orihime once again pleaded with her father to be kind and
allow her to see her husband. Each day, she wept into the threads of the cloth she wove,
staining the fabric and dulling its beauty. The King, pained by the sight of his daughter's
unhappiness, made a contract with her. She would only be allowed to see her husband
on the 7th day of the 7th month and ONLY if she worked hard on her weaving. She agreed
and busily began work on new grabs straight away..... When the first night of their meeting
came, the river between them was too large and too ravenous to cross. Orihime cried into
her palms and a flock of large magpies heard her sobs and came to her aid. They promised
to make a bridge with their wings each year so the two may meet at the center of the river.
If it rains the night of their meeting and the river floods, the magpies will not come and the
two must wait another year before they can meet again.

Hoshino grew to become a young woman with much promise, despite growing up without a
father. She wove and designed clothing in the likeness of her mother and soon became
unmatched in the Heavens above. On the day she heard of her mother's tale, she vowed
that she would do all she could to make sure her life would not be the same.

Legacy Day came. And as she strode up to the podium, stars in her hair and galaxies swirling
on the sleeves of her kimono, she looked her mother in the eyes and with a firm heart said,
"I am Hoshino. Proud daughter of Orihime, she who wove the stars into the night sky. And I
cannot allow myself the same destiny as she..." Her heart swelled with pain as she spoke,
afraid of what her mother would say. "I want happiness. My own happiness. I want a love
that is undivided by people and the stars alike. I am sorry. But I have watched you slowly
wither away as the days pass and it hurts more and more with age. And I can't allow that
for myself as well."

I wanted her to be serious and graceful while still retaining a sense of self that she developed on her own.
I worked pretty hard on her so I hope you like her~ Thank you so much if you actually read this far. <3

Drawn traditionally. lined, colored and edited on PaintToolSai and Photoshop CS6
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