Dragonic Golem Picture

Next regi in my list

-Sovereign Pokemon
-"This mythological creature is said to be source of many myths and legends of the dark ages. His origins are unknown and his destiny is a mystery, but his marvelous image and graceful demeanour has given to him a status of legend, even among legends. It can be found as a common trait in nobility's heraldry."

Yes, its my fdragon regi, and yes, it has no hands, muahahaha.

It is supposed to be based from a medieval dragon, and originally was totally green with red markings, but, in the end it looked more like a huge grasshopper than a dragon, so I changed his colors to blue and light green.

It has no hands cuz I thought it looked better that way, and some dragons didnt have hands beside their wings, maybe it is more lyke a Wyvern.

I added a frontal view of his head so you can see all the 7 spots/eyes, as they are distributed in both sides of the head (which is not plane)

And so, if you have any doubt, ask for it, but not ideas, again.

Also, before you said anything, yes, I know it looks like Dialga, so keep that for you

hope you like it
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