Fanart - SkyPirate!Stuck Kanaya Picture

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Lady Kanaya Maryam may seem like any other fashion-savvy socialite, but she was selected for exclusive mentoring exclusively by legendary dress designer, Mother Grub. Now, she designs and sews million-dollar outfits for herself and other high-class clientele, but watch out for those secrets she keeps inside that tube of lipstick! She leads the Coven of Rainbow Drinkers, a secret society of beautiful women who write subversive fiction about blood-drinking, mythological creatures.

In this universe, steam power (much like nuclear power) was invented during war that destroyed the earth’s surface. Thus, people created great engines to lift islands of arable land into the sky. This resulted in two classes of people: those who live on the sky islands and those who power the steam engines that keep it afloat. Body modification with steam-powered accessories has become the norm to help people survive with their minimal resources.

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