A is for Angha Picture

I've decided to take up the Alphabeastiary challenge ( [link] ), since I really enjoyed doing the Troll series and now I feel like I have nothing to really work on. So... yeah, an even longer series now. Hooboy.

The Angha, also known as the Simurgh, is a mythical beast from Persian lore. It is said to have the body of a dog, the wings and tail of a peacock, and the claws of a lion. It is always female, incredibly old, and has great knowledge. And, after reading about it on Wiki, I have decided it is the coolest mythological creature ever.

Most of the designs for this that I've seen have been... well... dogs with wings. Which, while they all looked pretty cool, I felt I could push the design a bit further. I decided to eliminate the front legs and instead give it wings, playing more on the bird aspects of the creature then the dog aspects. I like how it turned out - it's graceful, but still kind of monstrous.
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