"Timeless Enchantment" Picture

In the Beginning of Days, long before Good or Evil moved in Middle-earth, when only the wild beasts, and ancient trees inhabited the forests and valleys, the first 'speaking peoples' awoke and gazed 'out of the Wild Wood in wonder at their first Dawn. These were the Elves. _The Firstborn, the Elder Children of Iluvatar.

Elves were the fairest of all earthly creatures and resembled the Ainur in spirit. They were about six feet tall, handsome and beautiful, and somewhat slender, graceful but strong athletic bodies and resistant to the extremes of nature. Their senses, especially of hearings and sight, were much keener than those of Men. Elves apparently did not sleep, but rested their minds in waking dreams of by looking at beautiful things. The Eldar, and perhaps all elves, could talk directly from mind to mind without word. The Elves were perpetually youthful or ageless, looking neither young nor old. They believe that the beauty of wisdom and kindness within itself is manifested from the beauty without.
Elves loved all beautiful things, but especially the wonders of nature, above all the waters of Ulmo and the stars of Elbereth that shown on them at their awakening. Their curiosity and desire for knowledge was unsatisfyabley one of their great achievements was to teach the Ents to talk. As their own name for themselves implies, they valued communication highly. They were by nature good and abhorred all works of evil, although they could be seduced by evil that seemed fair.
Elves need not have substance other then Elvish way bread called Labas, which would last them for many days. There was no need for rest or sleep as their endurance and stamina was greatly high.
Elves can easily straddle space and time, living in two realms spiritually. (Aside from the limits of geography of course)
Although they could be slain or die from grief, Elves were not subjected to age and disease. An elf that lost his life went to the halls of Mandos, whence he could go elsewhere in Valinor but not return to Middle-Earth.
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