Common Dryads Picture

Common Dryads from around the globe.

A. Outback Dryad
Hulking and durable, these evergreen, ever alert, dryads are the friends and protectors of the animals in the forest they inhabit. Adventurers are advised to give them a wide birth, as their personal space is huge. If threatened they are liable to spit bees or attempt to crush anyone nearby. Known for destroying campsites. Lacks the pleasant singing voice of most nymphs.

B. Island Dryad
Spend their days singing to themselves, dancing in the breeze and observing the world around them. One of the more solitary and sanguine dryad species. Their carefree existence and ample free time make them indispensable sources of wisdom and information about the immediate area. Unfortunately it is impossible to get a straight answer out of them. Will occasionally playfully attack those who spend too long around it but only once.

C. Eastern Dryad
Generally considered by adventurers, (especially those versed in the book of nine swords) to be the most enchanting of dryads. Timid, graceful and polite, but not to be taken lightly. While it will never attack physically, the Eastern Dryad is extremely, theatrical, needy and manipulative. Eastern Dryads are notoriously insecure and refuse to do anything alone, generally traveling with packs of at least 7 of their own kind, often more. In larger numbers they use their influence and grace to convince adventurers to imbibe alcoholic drinks of increasing size and potency over the course of an evening. The resulting excess can cause sickness, injury and even death of party members. At best, the adventurers will embarrass themselves terribly and likely find a lot of their items missing. The Eastern Dryad has no need for money or jewels, but collects them as a matter of habit.
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