Spirit King v.2.0 Picture

Second Balinese starter remake. Find the originals here: [link]

I actually took the time to look at images of the Barong, from Balinese myth, for reference this time. Most of them are costumes, true, but I at least found a few that depict the creature's appearance from artwork, such as this one: [link]
The Lion Barong is the most common and well known form, which is why I also based the earlier stages off of cats in general. I know most Indonesian cats have short hair because of the heat and all, but I chose the long haired ones because their coats are the closest I could think of to the long "fur" on the Barong costume.

155 - TABBLAZE (Tabby+Blaze)
- Fire
- Scorch Cat Pokémon
- 1'7"/ 5 lbs
- Ability: Blaze (Serene Grace)
DAY: TABBLAZE has a headstrong, fiery temper, and can take down foes three times its size.
NIGHT: Its claws retract into sheathes out of battle. It likes to sharpen them on hard objects.

156 - SEARCRED (Sear+Sacred)
- Fire/Light
- Scorch Cat Pokémon
- Evolves from TABBLAZE at Level 14
- 3'2"/ 25 lbs
- Ability: Blaze (Serene Grace)
DAY: By focusing its spirit, its body temperature reaches over 8000 degrees Fahrenheit. Its fire breath can burn through steel.
NIGHT: SEARCRED lives a solitary lifestyle, guarding mountaintop temples. It uses ruins as vantage points, pouncing on prey from above.

157 - LUMERONG (Lume+Leo+Barong)
- Fire/Light
- Mythical Pokémon
- Evolves from SEARCRED at Level 36
- 6'5"/ 250 lbs
- Ability: Blaze (Serene Grace)
DAY: Its fire attacks are incredibly powerful. By purifying its mind, it can unleash devastating streams of flame that are ten times hotter than the surface of the sun.
NIGHT: LUMERONG was worshipped by ancient peoples as the King of the Spirits. Representing both benevolence and authority, it is thought to ward off evil with its mighty Roar.

Start: Scratch, Ember; Slash, LaserBeam; Take Down, Beam Spam
Level-Up: Leer, Sunny Day, Swift, Bite, Roar, Swagger, Fire Fang, Crunch, Scary Face, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz; Fire Blast, Shield Breaker; Sacred Fire, Super Laser
Notable HM/TM: Cut, Rock Climb, Snarl, Return, Fire Spin, Light Screen, Barrier, Fire Pledge, Hyper Beam, Blast Burn
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