SPN OC Picture

So *MagicMellon and myself have been, unhealthily obsessed with supernatural lately. And our minds created the idea of supernatural characters, unintentionally. I'm so sorry, I was not supposed to make a oc for this series. But it was in my brain and now it's on the internet.

I'll post more info about this one later, but it's basically based on the idea of Tiril being a fallen angel who lost her grace, or his grace, and became a hunter before getting her grace back. My real name is Tiril, and according to angelic mythology Tiril was a angel that fell right after Lucifer fell. Not being a big fond of human kind. So I made a spn oc based on myself, only 90 % cooler.

I actually got this outfit rl, except. I never use a bandana ever though, but I got it.

I am not a very big spn oc fan in general, but I have a history of doing things I don't in general approve of. so hush, leave me alone and enjoy some art.

Also I have a new and disturbing wing kink.

Lucy *MagicMellon :
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