Monster Matriarch: Tiamat Kur'Irkalla Picture

"I am DONE with being extinct. Now, insolent mortals, it is YOUR turn to be sealed in stone!"

Name: Tiamat Kur'Irkalla
Franchise of Origin: Sumerian Mythology
Symbol: Pentagram
Clan: Darkness/Fire
Weapon: N/A
Affiliation: Neutral, Rogue (formerly the Legion of the Nine Circles)
Age: N/A
Height: 7'
Weight: 250 lbs
- Razor-sharp teeth; mediocre bite force of outer jaws is compensated by stronger inner jaws. Attacks by swinging the reinforced outer upper jaw to slash through flesh.
- Extendable hand mouths can stretch up to five times her body length to ensnare distant opponents.
- Bulletproof armor can resist most conventional weaponry and has sharp edges for offense. To maximize combat potential, she can curl up into a ball and roll into opponents like a runaway tire.
- Heavily muscled limbs grant her deceptive speed and agility, and are tipped with vicious claws (retractable on the front limbs). If cornered, she can also kick and/or swat foes hard enough to shatter bones.
- Powerful, muscular tail is sheathed in sharp-edged plates and is used as a weapon as well as a balancing rod and an aid in swimming. She can also ignite the tail and use it like a flaming sword.
- Flaming breath, and control of fire in general; can ignite herself as a combat technique. Her Hellfire cannot be put out by any liquids except holy water and even works underwater.
- Limited skills in dark magic; uses them primarily to augment her physical attacks. Can also phase into and 'swim' through shadows, to stalk prey without being noticed.
- Acute sense of smell, often used to track down victims.
- Lays explosive eggs which are covered in a sticky secretion to bind them to opponents; her extendable clawed cloaca is used to attach them to opponents and can also implant an small-enough egg in an open wound. Some eggs spawn minion species after exploding.
- Capable of changing her size at will. Her maximum size is about 125 feet tall at the hip/18,000 metric tons, and around 300 feet tall when rearing up to maximum height.
- Lacks agility due to low turn speed. Also cannot brake quickly after moving at speed.
- Sharp sense of smell can be used against her; can be repelled easily by foul odors and thick smoke.
- Surprisingly sensitive stomach. She has to cook prey before eating it, and is vulnerable to orally administered poisons of various kinds.
- Fiercely protective of eggs, offspring, and underlings. Enemies can easily goad her by threatening or harming loved ones, family members, and even allies and associates.
- Highly aggressive and savage; lashes out easily at minor provocations. When in her aggressive state, she's insanely hard to calm down, and typically stops only when everything around her has been razed.
The primordial chaos monster and the matriarch of the Underworld's forces, Tiamat is one of the most feared of all the denizens of the afterlife. In mythology she was regarded as a chaotic, mercurial being who made war with her own children; the storm god, Marduk, defeated her and used her fallen body to create the world. It's a tall tale the gods tell to satisfy the masses, but while Marduk did engage in that legendary struggle with her, her history before then is far more complex. She is indeed primordial, for she was one of the original Great Six, the superior elder deities sired by the original creator, Deos. In the Mesozoic, she was the patron deity of carnivores, supplanting her elder brother Typhoeus as the ultimate apex predator. Her father gave her control over theropods, the order of carnivorous dinosaurs, and as they evolved, they gained her teeth, her claws, and her savage yet shrewd spirit. In time, however, as her kingdom grew, so did her ego, dangerously so. In her eyes, she had soon come to hold dominion over the world's greatest, most majestic predators, and she was going to make sure everyone knew of it.
The extinction event at the end of the Late Cretaceous, and the haunting of Tiamat's eldest brother Therion, changed everything for her as well as everyone else. Lucifer, the remaining remnant of Therion's soul, had lost his patience with the gods' denial of his ideals, and so he had built an army, plagiarized and distorted from Tiamat's own kin, and led by his lieutenant, Satan. A turf war broke out across the world, and the seas ran red with blood as populations crashed and entire ecosystems began to fail. Soon, Tiamat herself, upon seeing the Legion's total mockery of her beloved kingdom, was forced to get off her high horse, millions of years before anything even remotely close to horses in shape came into existence. She tried to stop Lucifer and Satan, pleading with them to end this madness, but it was too late - her inflated ego had cost her the trust of her peers. Satan simply laughed in scorn and ridiculed her shallowness, enraging her to the point of violence. The battle was joined, and the fight tore the earth asunder and turned the sky to fire. Deos himself was forced to step in, attempting to break up the fight by summoning a mighty asteroid. But by the time he had pile-driven it into the Yucatan Peninsula, weakening Satan enough for the rest of the Great Ones to finish him off, it was too late - Tiamat had perished at the hands, claws, and teeth of her traitorous, conceited eldest brother... or so it seemed.
Impressed by her audacity, Lucifer had, in those final moments, dragged Tiamat to the underworld and made her his personal "houseguest." The battle with Satan, her fit of irrational fury, had cost her everything - her reputation, her kingdom, her power, and herself. Her body long gone, she would be unable to reclaim her beloved kingdom for millions of years, until Lucifer came to her with a proposal. He would replace her body - in fact, he would give her the greatest species of all. In exchange, she would lend him her services... and her love. Not knowing any other alternative, Tiamat accepted his stolen gift, the gift of a human body. She could take on a persona that could decieve mortals, or change it into something close to her monstrous true form for heavy-duty work. Feeling immensely proud of herself, she came to accept Lucifer as comfort and company, and for a time, she was happy. But her happiness was, like her, shallow. The Prince of Pride had purposely omitted critical facts about the Legion to keep her from becoming suspicious, but its secrets could not be hidden from her forever. As the Legion came closer to its goals, Lucifer too became more and more focused on them and less on her well being and self-esteem. She decided to go off on her own for a while, seeking others for company aside from her designated husband, such has her elder sister Leviathan, who attempted to help her conquer the world once more. During her time in the ancient Middle East, she met and fell in love with the Mesopotamian freshwater god, Apsu; when she tried to raise a family with him, the parents' shared plans led to their own children - the first-generation Mesopotamian gods - taking action, capturing Apsu and striking down Tiamat when she attempted a roaring rampage of rescue, hence the legend of Marduk slaying Tiamat. Eventually, her troubles came home with her - when Lucifer thwarted the rescue attempt of her latest host who had defied them both long enough for them to enter the scene, Tiamat finally snapped, calling Lucifer out for his own egotistic parasitism of her and publicly declaring her resignation. Insulted at this breach of trust, Lucifer sicced Satan upon her once again, this time joining in for a two-on-one match that would have ended badly for Tiamat had the fight not opened up a space-time rift beneath her. Tiamat was transported to a new world, with new faces to talk to, her only companion being her unwilling, still resentful host. And the worst part was that in Yonder, things have a habit of going from bad to worse...
As can be expected for the mother of monsters, Tiamat is a predatory, brutish, straightforward yet surprisingly cunning beast, but also has the capability of paternal instinct, caring, and respect of others. She knows when to be reasonable, and though she frequently errs in her judgement (often with disastrous results), she is willing to recant her statements should she be proven wrong. She makes it a point to keep things fair for everyone involved and as such, she hates dishonesty, entitlement, and collateral damage; the Legion invoked all three, which is why she ragequit the Legion in the first place. Naturally she cares for her brood and those who are willing to extend a helping hand to her and her goals. At the same time, however, she herself is the embodiment of primordial chaos for a reason, and she's quite easy to piss off if you aren't careful around her. When angered, she's been known to go into destructive rampages, metaphorically pointing fingers for the slightest reasons; she's really hard to calm down in such a state, and her rage mode at Apsu's capture is why Marduk had to take her down. One of the easiest ways to provoke her is to bring up male supremacy in any way - she's a feminist to a fault and does NOT like having her gender challenged, especially by members of the opposite sex.

Special Actions:
Standard: Hellfire (Fire)- Blasts a stream of blue fire from her mouth, edged with black, that covers 8 paces (18 at maximum upgrade) and bypasses protection.
Horizontal: Burning Rubber (Fire) - Spins in place to charge, then ignites and rolls at high speed while leaving a trail of orange fire. Provides strong horizontal recovery but weak vertical recovery; distance traveled increases with upgrade.
Upward: Roar (Darkness) - Launches an orange pulse of sound from her mouth that stuns, damages, and knocks back all foes within a 10-pace radius (20 paces at maximum upgrade).
Downward: Shadow Strike (Darkness) - Sinks into her shadow and shoots in the desired direction. Cannot directly attack until a 2-second grace period (5 seconds at maximum upgrade) but can ram opponents. When the grace period ends or when the Attack button is pressed, she shoots upward from beneath her target and bites.


Updated her ability and weakness lists to match her movepool more closely.

A follow-up to the HUGE idea sheet I put down in my scraps section, here's Tiamat in all her terrifying glory. This girl was originally part of the Mesopotamian mythos, and is the mom of most of the first-generation gods from there after marrying the primal freshwater god, Apsu. Then she fought against these gods and was felled by Marduk who created the world from her body. And then to fit with the theme of gods fighting monsters, modern sources describe her as a sea monster even though there are no ancient sources for such. Now, I went into a lengthy explanation of what I did with that concept in the idea sheet in question, so I'll sum it up more quickly: I conflated Tiamat with Lilith, the mother of demons in Jewish mythology, because both of them have similar roles. Now, I'm fully aware of ~TyrantisTerror's version of Lilith for his No Sympathies project, who is Lucifer's daughter, so while My Lilith (full name: Evageline von Lilith) is also related to the Prince of Pride, I gave them a different relationship. My Lucifer intended to take Tiamat/Lilith as his bride, but their personalities were incompatible to such an extent that they broke off their relationship in an appropriately brutal fashion. Her humanoid appearance is what happens when you transfer Tiamat's soul to a humanoid host body. Her beast form, of course, is almost entirely monstrous in terms of appearance, and Tiamat has a mean streak to match. Because of this, I alotted the two different sides of motherhood to each alter-ego. Eve represents reason and common sense, Tiamat represents instinct, protectiveness, and maternal pride/rage. So she's naturally considerably more powerful and ferocious-looking than Eve.
Since both Tiamat and Lilith feature in myths prior to civilization, I thought of prehistory and all that creationist bullshit, which naturally led to dinosaurs. So her design is primarily dinosaur because, well, dinosaurs are dragons, though there are other chimeric elements in her to make her more disturbing and bizzare. She's based off a carnosaur with arms like a human, armadillo-like armor plates, and a tail like a crocodile. She's got retractable claws on her hands, a frog-like inflatable throat sac, and a split lower jaw with two forked tongues. The spiked ridges on her plates are thrusters which spew hellfire to propel her as she charges. To up the ante, I gave her mouths on her hands to cater to the modern D&D depiction as a multi-headed dragon, and an inner set of jaws inside her true mouth. Since she's a mommy par exellence, I also recycled a piece of one of my previous monster designs and gave her a freaky-looking extendable, clawed cloaca, to deposit many eggs and lay entire armies at once. My Tiamat's a savage, mercurial, PMS-riddled, but highly caring and protective single mom who doubles as a commander for her brood, aka the carnivores of the world.
Tiamat is planned to be a main character starting from her introduction, and I'd like to explore her personality as she starts out as a villain and begins her path to redemption and improvement of her public image. One thing to note up front about her character: she does NOT like it when people treat her as being inferior to them, which is essentially what Lucifer did. She wants to raise a loving, happy family, not one that's riddled with scandal, turmoil, and delusions of dominance; the Legion of the Nine Circles, the (supposed) main antagonist organization of Heroes of Yonder, was apparently the latter.

More demons will be coming your way... after my finals are done. It'll take me a while to draw, scan, and color all of them, and knowing my poor time-management skills with respect to my artwork, I'll stick with the most important demons for the time being. If this bitch took a week to finish, well...
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