Her Grace Picture

Edit: A little bigger file

The Goddess, inspired by she was despicted in the intro and the Goddess statue in Skyloft.

This is actually my second pic on the character... I'll upload the other tomorrow, the same design with different style.

A little spoiler alert... just in case.


The spoiler alert is 'cause the identity of the Goddess her name itself is, to me, a really important thing on the Zelda history. Its what makes it quite solid as a origin story.

My take on the Goddess Hylia, I tried to do a few things in here... first of all, the feathers: the goddess give a lot of gifts from the sky to her people, Loftwings, a world in the sky, a barrier of clouds, she is despicted winged and a veil with what seems to be feathers so with that in mind I decided that the feathers were not a garment, but is feathered.

There is a second reason: Demise. She is clearly a counterpart of the demon king, the goodness in the Legend of Zelda mythology (the golden goddesses are in fact quite neutral)... Demise have fiery hair, a body covered with hard scales and wears a black... something.

The idea for the wings came from her/triforce symbol

The ancient Hylian says: Power, Wisdom and Courage all over again. Font by
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