Tales Collection 30.11.11 Picture

PLEASE ignore the badly edited background to the best of your ability....

This is the Tales collection of my brother and me.
I wanted to place them according to their owner but it just didn't work out. So I'll probably need one hell of a description XDDD

Don't read if you're not interested in my rants.

Well, I'll go ahead and list now~

Out of the figurines, the PVC Arche and Tear are mine.
So are all tradings EXCEPT Variant Lloyd, Kratos, Duke and Judith.
I do have normal Lloyd myself, but I thought the Fire and Ice variant looked nicer 8D''' Haha.

The big trading figure boxes are his though, so as you might be able to guess now he owns every trading figure of the Symphonia, Abyss and both Vesperia sets himself, I just thought it was too stuffed already to add those doubles as well^^°

I got most of my own tradings not through his box buys but by collecting them over the past few years.
Anise was my very first Tales figure, I hadn't even played Abyss then. Must've been like five years ago?
Also, unike his all of my Abyss figurines are from an earlier press, showing the original artwork instead of the Anime/Sunrise package slightly visible here. The color of those even varies upon closer look which is obviously not possible on this picture ^^°

As for the games, all EU releases (namely Eternia, Radiant Mythology and Phantasia), Legendia, Destiny 2, VS, Xillia and both Graces are mine including the pre-order boni of Wii Graces (the Dramatic DVD in the middle right) and Xillia (Mini-Jude in the front). I didn't get the Graces f one even though I pre-ordered *sob*

The other games are his including the pre-order boni of Vesperia (Abyss costumes on the right) and Radiant Mythology 3 (Prologue Manga on the left) as well as the the First Strike movie on Blu-Ray.

The Mamoritai and progress OP singles as well as the solitary Abyss/Legendia Tankobons are mine again.
Ah, this is the perfect moment to mention the one thing missing:
Alongside the Xillia OP single I received a promotional poster with the cover illustration, I just didn't feel like getting it off my wall as it just shows the exact same picture.

(Also, I'm currently waiting for my first official complete guide, Tales of Xillia to arrive 8D'''')

So, what's left?
Besides Natalia there is a small card depicting a credit image of Tales of Graces, that's a trading card a friend gave to me <3

To her left you can see one of the non-official goods here: an autograph of Anise's seiyuu Haruko Momoi.
The one beneath Presea actually shows Onpu Segawa from Ojamajo Doremi but her seiyuu Rumi Shishido also did Chitose from Tales of Innocence, that's why I featured it after censoring Onpu herself XD
(It's just that Onpu is my "image role" of her, so I decided to take her instead of Chitose for the printout...^^°)

And that concludes the tour, haha.

I still think it's not all that great at least not game-wise.
But I'm really glad my brother got into the series as well, I wouldn't have been able to immediately buy all those games right of the release ;A;

The next (old) game I want to buy is Rebirth...
I probably won't pre-order Innocence R even though I initially wanted to.
I'm aiming for the Milla PVC and the localized Graces right now! °^° (My brother goes for Rita PVC XD)

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