Owens Furies - Part 1 Picture

Hoo boy. Well, here's the story. (about a little guy who lived in a blue world...) Everyone knows about Charlie's Angel's right? The shallow, obejectifying TV show that spawned a new genre: 'the jiggle show'. And everyone knows about the harem anime, right? Nerdy but hunky boy winds up in a house full of cute girl students/robots/aliens. Well, after reading SatineDoom's masterful Charlie's Angels weight gain parody, "Tommy's Concubines", I was inspired to interpret *cough* rip-off *cough* her idea in my own way. And here it is, a fusion between the flimsy plot and blatant fanservice of the jiggle show, the prudish yet perverted male lead, and the weight gain fantasies of a fat-admirer fanfic, I present: "Owen's Furies"! (Carrying on the theme of naming these ridiculous fabrications, I took the term 'fury' from Greek mythology. the furies were winged demonic bird-women who shrieked of disaster and doom. Just like the fates and the norns, there were three of them, but I can't think of their names.)

The four girls (not three? He's breaking tradition!) I decided to use for this illustrious cheesecake-fest are four anime girls I've always had a soft spot for (get it?). You'll probably recognize two of them from my gallery, but let me introduce them in classic CA fashion, from left to right:

Lina Inverse: Powerful sorceress, mistress of magic. A quick thinker and a brilliant spellcaster with a thirst for for treasure and a hunger for stir-fry. The occasional Dragonslave or Freeze-arrow can take down a whole platoon of generic lackeys, and a little Reywing can get the girls where they need to go. Just don't mention her cup-size.

Mihoshi (No last name): Firearms expert and guerilla tactics commander. Don't let the dumb-blonde act fool you, she's got the munchies, and she means business. This former Galactic Patrol Officer and Space Police-Policeman afficianado is dangerous when she knows what she's doing, and even more dangerous when she doesn't.

Aisha Clan-Clan: Martial arts and stealth techniques. This hot-headed catgirl from another world lives on the edge of the galaxy and of the law. With the strength of over a hundred humans, she's a huge assets, I mean asset, to the teams endeavors. Aisha is all about the action. And the occaisional all-you-can-eat buffet.

Inoue Miyako: Hacking, intelligence gathering, strategy. A second generation Chosen Child in her youth, now she's flying solo without her avian partner to back her up. An expert in all things digital, she brings brings her brilliant analytical mind to bear in solving the team's problems. Now, if only she can keep her sweet-tooth and hormones in check...

And then there's me. The panicky, emotional, and overreactive team leader and organizer. But hey, at least I don't hide behind a frickin' lawn chair all the time!

The set up goes like this: The girls, still with normal body types, get bored with their lives in their universe, and answer a want ad for trained operatives with extraordinary skills. There they meet me, and I reveal to them a sinister plot to enforce a disgusting ideal of feminine beauty (i.e. really really thin) upon the world. Puzzled but with nothing better to do, the girls join up and face their first villain, who traps them and hooks them up to a feeding machine. He plans to fatten them up to the point that they become so over come with self-loathing that they will submit to his rule if he returns them to normal. I don't want to give it all away, as I just may write all this down someday, but needless to say, the villain's plan...backfires.
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