Holly the Ragdoll Mermaid Picture

Her tail resembles that of the leaves of the American Holly tree, thus her name. She lives in solitude, wishing, hoping, dreaming of a life above the surface of the cold, dark ocean. Different parts and skins of fellow sea creatures contribute themselves to building her.

She is sad and lonely. She was once very beautiful and in love. She waited for her lover on the outskirts of the city. She waited. And waited. She waited until long after dark when the carnivorous and the cunning lurk among those foolish enough to wander from the safety of their homes. She waited...

When she awoke she was barely alive. But she had to wait for her love. Her passion and will to live urged her on. She reassembled what was left of her and recreated her body out of other dead creatures that suffered her fate. Once whole again, she went back to the city to search for her lover. She was greeted with hostility, repulsion, and fear. She fled from her home to the cold recesses of her ocean.

It is there where she stays and waits for her love to find her so they may be one again. She has waited for many years. She is dirty. Her various parts and pieces need constant mending. She is stark white, at least her face is, from lack of sunshine. She is thin and weak from loss of proper nourishment. And still she waits. And waits. And waits.

To the merpeople of the city she is an urban legend. But some claim to still see her dulling blonde hair just shine through the shadows of her cave. Some swear that you can hear her singing to herself and calling out to her lost love as she sews her arm back on. Many fear her, calling her a monster and a source of evil. But there are some who dream of seeing her anguish disappear and seeing her smile in happiness, knowing that she is at peace.

I am one of those people. I search the city that spat her out for her, looking for the one who claimed to love her so. But as my search progresses, there is a growing fear that haunts me, not that I'll never find her lost love but- that it is me.


well that was certainly fun.
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