Pandora is Chaos Picture

"Some people want to watch the world burn..." - Alfred Pennyworth
"The way to create art is to burn and destroy..." - Charles Bukowski
"To love is to destroy, and to be loved is to be the one destroyed..." - Cassandra Clare

Pandora is well-known for the classic tale of her damning curiosity. What isn't shared is the fate bestowed upon her. For being the pawn in Zeus' game of revenge, Pandora was left bereft of all sense of self and weighed down with the guilt of all evil. Pandora is strong, but not in the way a hero is remembered. She took the cards dealt her, and changed them, creating a world of her own within the chaos she unleashed. When once the world was peaceful, Pandora ensured it's darkness. With a strength that only the damned possess, she took control of the evil she unleashed, and set up rule over the destruction of the world. Wherever peace fails and hearts cannot rest, Pandora is singing. Wherever death runs rampant and doom shrouds all life, Pandora is dancing. Wherever the earth heaves and nothing can be certain, Pandora is laughing. With all of hell to guard her shriveled soul, not even Zeus would dare interfere with the monster he created.

Against Pandora, we are alone.

But so is she. Despite all of her cruelty, Pandora feels her solitude and surrounds herself with those creatures often overlooked, or given dark reputations. Though she would never consent to lower herself to humanity's standards by taking a lover, the void in her heart has become a black hole, eating away at her from within. Some would call her mad - in the way that encourages any to stand in her way, just as she destroys them with a wave of her hand. Reckless yet cunning, she gambles with items not even hers to give away - and wins. She has a following among the mortals who worship her and do all in their human power to become as her. Prejudiced as she is, targeted as she was, the cult attracts all the outsiders and underlings. She has created an army of the underestimated, and challenges any to try and take her throne. Only one close to her could possibly hope to succeed against her, yet who could rise to that role when she will allow no one near?


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